Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the process for getting a herd-specific, autogenous vaccine for my cattle operation?

MVP follows precise steps in order to produce a vaccine for a specific organism(s) which has been identified. General steps are as follows:

  • The practicing veterinarian who has a client-patient relationship with the livestock operation must be involved.
  • The veterinarian takes appropriate sample(s) from an infected animal or herd.
  • The sample is sent to a diagnostic laboratory to identify the specific organism(s) causing disease. MVP works closely with the various state and national laboratories. Additionally, should the veterinarian prefer, MVP also can provide diagnostic services.
  • Cultures containing the organism are then used to produce antigens against the specific organism causing disease.
  • The antigens are then formulated into a vaccine by MVP Laboratories, via exacting specifications in our licensed facility.
  • The vaccine is tested for safety and purity.
  • The vaccine is delivered to the veterinarian, usually within 4-6 weeks from the time of diagnosis, depending upon the initial quality of the sample and the type of organism and production requirements.

MVP Laboratories maintains control of the isolate(s) under proper storage conditions, until the expiration date.

What is the difference between a Tailor-Made®, herd-specific vaccine and a conventional vaccine?

Herd-specific vaccines address a specific disease and herd situation. Both types of products are licensed and highly regulated. Conventional vaccines typically take several years to license while many times lab animal (in vitro) challenge tests are developed; whereas herd-specific vaccines can be developed more rapidly to respond to specific needs.

What is the cost of a Tailor-Made®, herd-specific vaccine?

This is highly variable depending upon the individual situation: diagnostics; # of animals involved; types and numbers of organisms isolated. Generally speaking these herd-specific vaccines are provided at price competitive levels with conventional vaccines, despite the extensive amount of work involved. Additionally, they can provide an excellent return on investment when considering the costs of lost productivity, animal death and morbidity; and treatment costs.

Are herd-specific vaccines as safe as conventional vaccines?

Herd-specific vaccines must undergo the same tests for safety and purity, under USDA regulations.

What size dose is appropriate?

We try to minimize the dose size by not diluting the antigen concentration. Most autogenous vaccines are 2 mL, but the precise size is a factor of the number and type of isolates.

What is the route of injection?

The preferred route is SQ (subcutaneous), which is supportive of Beef Quality Assurance guidelines. Care should be given as to how vaccines are handled and administered.

What is the expiration date of MVP biologicals?

Products are labeled with an 18 month expiration date from time of manufacture.

Why must veterinarians be involved with herd-specific, autogenous vaccines?

MVP Laboratories believes that it is essential to have the practicing involved to create a team partnership with the livestock producer to effectively address the disease situation. Additionally, USDA regulations require the veterinarian have a veterinarian-client relationship with the producer.

Dietary Supplement - Frequently Asked Questions


What if my dog or cat overdoses on Cholodin?

Occasionally, we receive phone calls from pet owners (primarily pertaining to dogs) that their pet has gotten access to a bottle of Cholodin tablets and consumed 10 or even 20 times the recommended dose.

Their first question is “what should I do… is my dog in danger?”.

While overdosing is always a concern and situations of this type should be monitored, in all of the cases that we are aware of, there have been no long-term detrimental effects in dogs that have overconsumed Cholodin.

The most common side effects might be an elevated level of activity, or even agitation and possibly loose stools for 2-3 days. The ingredients in Cholodin are all natural and once they are eliminated from the animals system, they normally return to a “normal” state.

In the event of this occurrence, our first recommendation is to contact your veterinarian for his or her suggestions and keep plenty of fresh water available to your animal.

Free access to water will help to eliminate excess ingredients from your pet’s system.

Feel free to call MVP Laboratories, Inc. – (800) 856-4648

Where can MVP's dietary supplements be purchased?

All of our supplements are available retail from any veterinary practice. Wholesale purchases are made through ethical veterinary distributors.

Does Cholo Gel Oral or Cholodin require a prescription?

These products are considered dietary supplements and therefore do not require a prescription to purchase.

How long must I give Cholo Gel Oral or Cholodin Flex tablets to my dog?

You should consult with your veterinarian, but generally speaking the products may require life-long administration on a maintenance dosage.

What is taurine, that is in Cholodin-FEL?

Taurine is an amino acid and is important for building protein and other body functions. Cats lack the ability to produce taurine and therefore require dietary supplementation.

Can I take Cholo Gel Oral?

Hyaluronic acid is commonly prescribed for human use for similar indications; however, Cholo Gel Oral is labeled for veterinary use only.

What is the expiration date on Cholodin-containing products?

There is no expiration date for products. Under normal conditions the ingredients are formulated to be quite stable. For greater assurance maintain in cool, dry, dark conditions.

Do you have any pet owner success stories?

Yes, there are numerous pet owners who have provided feedback directly to us. For example: "I just wanted to say thank you for developing Cholodin Flex. My 13 year old German Shepherd had a stroke a year and a half ago. At the time only the original Cholodin was available. So I also put him on liquid glucosamine. When I heard about Cholodin Flex I was glad to try it so I would only have one pill a day to give him. I didn't think he would do any better and was hoping he wouldn't become worse. After being on Cholodin Flex 2 full months he's like a new dog. He runs, goes up and down stairs, and he gets into the car on his own. So now his mind and body are strong. Thank you he is a dear friend and I'm glad his last years will be quality ones."

What is the price of your products?

MVP Laboratories does not set the retail price. Pricing is established by the veterinarian, which may depend upon quantity and packing size purchased. Considering the quality, ingredients, overall formulation and results our products are quite economical compared to other brands which may comprise quality and/or ingredients.

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