MVP Laboratories provides relief for Mhs-related lameness

Dr. Boh Chang Lin, Director of R&D, has optimized a culturing method for Mycoplasma hyosynoviae (Mhs) that supports growth to the level of CFU's needed to produce high antigen content vaccines. This development is a significant breakthrough that offers a better tool for the control of Mhs-related lameness using licensed autogenous vaccines and has led to the filing of a patent application*. As depicted below, strains of Mhs recently isolated at MVP's diagnostic laboratory varied considerably based on soluble protein profile results. Discrimination of Mhs isolates by means of this analysis can greatly assist practitioners in the selection of candidates to use in a Tailor-made® licensed autogenous vaccine.

Here is a dendrogram showing similarity (%) between five M. hyosynoviae field strains:


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*Patent Pending