Our History

MVP Laboratories was founded in 1981 by Mary Lou Chapek, MT (ASCP), MA (vaccine manufacturing), Lysle Wilkins, DVM (animal testing) and F. W. Kullenberg, DVM (marketing). From its humble beginnings the company was dedicated to product quality and committed to customer service. These founders believed that it was important to manufacture high-quality vaccines, to be fair and honest with customers, and to recognize the contributions made by each employee. The vision was for a business model that put people first, making it possible for the profits to follow.

Throughout its 32-year history, MVP has obtained many product licenses, primarily for the prevention of swine and bovine diseases. The first federally licensed product was Actinobacillus Pleuropneumonia Bacterin for swine.

In the early years, MVP Laboratories developed EMULSIGEN® out of a need for a safe, yet cost-effective Adjuvant to improve the immune response to vaccine antigens. EMULSIGEN® became the first oil-in-water Adjuvant in the industry approved by the USDA for swine. This link replica watches break-through formulation has become the gold standard against which all other replica rolex veterinary Adjuvants are measured. The company now has a wide range of Adjuvants that enhance the immune response of various animal species to particular antigens. Please visit www.mvp-technologies.com for more adjuvant information.

MVP also began marketing CHOLODIN®, a supplement formulated to extend the quality of life for the geriatric dog. It has added CHOLODIN® Flex and CholoGel to this product line. The latter two products incorporate Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronan), a supplement that is excellent for canine athletes and dogs with joint problems.

MVP has grown from serving customers only within the state of Nebraska in the very beginning, to now having clients throughout the United States and in 45 countries on (6) six continents worldwide.

MVP Laboratories is an independent company owned by the employees.


Tribute to Dr. Hogg

Dr. Alexander Hogg was a pioneer in the animal health industry and an internationally-recognized expert in swine disease. During his academic career, Dr. Hogg was highly appreciated not only as an excellent scholar, gifted professor, and generous colleague, but also as a charming and gracious human being. In retirement, Dr. Hogg served MVP as a Veterinarian and Technical Services Consultant.

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